Sandra Houseman: 3 Steps To Using Time Wisely And Ditching Time-Management Guilt

Do you desire to have a “well balanced” life yet find yourself feeling guilty about not spending more time on one thing or another???

I do business a little differently around here. I put my family before my business and I put God before my family. So, it only makes sense that I would also prioritize the TIME I spend on those things ABOVE my business.

Time is a hot topic right now (and it always will be). It never feels like there’s enough of it and it never feels like we’re spending it right.


But here’s the thing. You can’t keep letting yourself feel guilty about the time you DON’T spend on your business when you desire to put other things (faith, family, fun) above your business in the first place.

You want to know how I’ve beaten this constant time-guilt-battle???

1. I stopped worrying about what will or will not happen in my business.

This took some massive mindset work and discipline… but realizing that everything will work out for me in the end is so important! (Phil 4:6, Matt 6:25-30, Romans 8:28)

2. I began thinking about what was REALLY important to me and intentionally planning those things into my days.

So, if I know I want to have date nights, family nights, and dedicated work time a few Saturdays of the month, then I put it on my calendar at the beginning of the month! Then, right then and there, begin looking for the babysitter or make arrangements to make those things happen!

3. I began thinking about what I realistically WILL and WON’T be able to do because of my schedule.

So often I get overly eager with my to-do list and plan 15 things to accomplish in my day… then at the end of the day when I only achieve 5 of those things I feel bad or guilty for not getting more done! It’s a self-sabotaging cycle that must be broken to rid yourself of this guilt!


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