Isobel Keating, a British model who has been internationally published all over the world shares some fashion tips with you! 

Here’s at what she says:

3 ways I would style a tennis skirt!

Tennis skirts are IN at the moment, they are the new trend around teens! And I love it, they are so chic and you can make multiple cute outfits from them!

  1.  White tennis skirt, a skirt and a jumper with a mini bag and a lot of accessories!  Like shown in the photograph of me, I love this style!
  2.  White tennis skirt, with a laced crop top and a tie up cardigan, a mini bag and some cute chunky trainers! this is a super cute way to style it
  3. A tennis skirt, with an oversized graphic t, a shoulder bag and a chunky chain. This is a lot more street style but I adore this type of look!

My top 3 outfits for vacation/ holiday

I LOVE going on holiday it’s my favourite time of year, and every year when I go to explore a different country, I always love being able to put new outfits together for some amazing pictures to share with everyone!

  1.  a pair of denim shorts, a silk crop crop, with a tie up cardigan, some cute trainers (I like Alexander mcqueens) and of course a mini bag!
  2. A dress. A dress can be the cutest outfit for your holidays and it’s so easier to style, I would style one with a shoulder bag, some cute matching Sandles & lots of necklaces & bracelets.
  3. A mini skirt, with a cute summer t tucked in with a mini bag, some chunky trainers and some cute colourful socks!

What’s my top 3 favourite accessories for any outfit?

Accessoring an outfit is KEY in fashion especially at the moment! Here’s my 3 favourite ways you can make your basic outfits abit more funner

  1.  Mini bags, shoulder bags any bags!! Bags are the best way to make an outfit trendy, shoulder ones especially are in at the moment
  2. Chains, Chucky necklaces and chains are so in at the moment! They are very street style inspired and can make any outfit look so cool
  3. Bucket hats! Bucket hats are my go to, I have one in every colour and I love to match them with all my outfits to make them so much more trendy and fun!


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