Dimity Edwards is a born entrepreneur. Her journey into discovering just how extraordinary this world can be started at age 18 when she decided to buy a one way ticket to Europe. That two year travel journey changed her whole perspective on what “being alive” really meant and was determined to come home to Australia to help others know this same feeling.

She began building her first business at age 20, scaling that to almost six-figures working out of her childhood bedroom, in and around her university degree.

Within the past 5 short years, Dimity has started from ground up multiple profitable businesses, spoken on stages around Australia, hosts a podcast and now spends majority her time teaching others through her signature BBB program to become the “go-to in their niche” as a personal brand and marketing expert. Dimity thrives on helping others create an authentic and influential brand.

You began building your first business at age 20, spoken on stages, hosts a podcast, tell us more about your journey?
Looking back, I feel extremely proud that I always have choosen the road less travelled. Leaving to go on a once in a lifetime adventure at the age of 18 with a one way ticket to Europe really set the course to a life of never settling for me personally. I am the middle child of an older Brother and younger sister, the rebel in the family with a gypsy soul ready to just squeeze the juice out of it all.

However, there was a time in my life after I came home from my 2 year travel adventure and starting my first university degree where I felt this extreme pressure from society to have it all “figured out”. I actually started unviersity with the clear intention of becoming a primary school teacher (and I would have been an extremely amazing primary school teacher) but there was a flame inside me that knew my journey was to take a new route.

That’s when I started my first online business, health coaching women to gain a greater sense of self love. I feel in love with the creative process and watching women transform right in front of my eyes.

Health coaching lead me to start exploring more of the online world, forcing me to really understanding who I am and what I wanted to do (mind you, I am still 20 years old at this moment in time, with the world around me thinking I am totally crazy with “going fulltime online” as it just wasn’t a thing 5 years ago!).

I started listening to the likes of Tony Robins, Gary Vee, Janine Allis… and decided to back myself.

My first year as an entreprenur I had earnt myself the equalivant to a 40 hour a week, pub job. Stoked with what I achieved, the snow ball of passion and ambitious tripled the following years.

Fast forward to now, 5 years later, I now have a degree in Advertising and Marketing. I work in a start-up tech company, alongside my “side-hustle” as a brand and marketing coach that triples my job wage. You’ll find me always creating and working on mastering my craft. A big vision, take a big passion and I am not here to just tip toe through life!

My mission now is to show the world, just how extraordianry it can be!

What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
From a very young age you would always find my teaching my toys, creating innovative products (swear I created Instagram when I was 6 ha!), starting up a backyard cafe and forcing anyone to come buy anything from me.

I didn’t know that I had that entrepreurial spirit in me, like I shared before, I wanted to become a primary school teacher. However, something I have learnt is that we all get to choose our own adventure according to our values and desires. I knew I didn’t want to wake up at the age of 50-60 and have regrets that I didn’t back myself when I was younger.

I knew that I either got to run my day, or the day runs me! I feel like I am just beginning my entrepreneurial journey and all I can say is watch out world… Dimity is here to play!

What is unique about your business?
It look my ages to really find my “niche” as there were just SO many things I wanted to do… and NOW! However, understanding the priciples of marketing and advertising, I knew that I needed to take an a deep dive on what I am really great at!

I am a brand and marketing coaching, specialising in helping women understand their authentic voice within the online space, assisting them to becoming the go-to person in their niche.

What is unique about my 6 week signiture program is that it isn’t a cookie cutter. Even though I have foundational modules, I understand that every individual has their own unqiue niche, messaging and positioning and we get to work together to establish your flag in the earth like no other before.

Most of my students start working with me, completely lost in their own ideas and struggling to break through in the noisy digital space. They leave after the 6 weeks working closely with me, with a clear path of execution, producing more sales and influence than they ever have in their business.

How Did You Know When You Had The Right Idea?
I knew I had the right idea when my program has been sold out for a solid 6 months. Either my students never leave and continue to roll on working with me at a higher capacity, or they refer friends to work with me.

To what do you attribute your success?
So many things, hard to just say one thing as I am a huge believer in being multi-dimsional.
My parents have always believed in me, giving me the backing to just go for whatever I put my mind to.

However, I really don’t believe anyone can be “successful” on their own. I’ve sent more than a years wage on coaches, days worth of listening to podcasts and reading books. I am study of life and absorb all the knowledge like a sponge.

Did You Experience Failures? If So, What Did You Learn From Them?
So many failures. Failures are our greatest lessions.
I’ve made SO many landing pages with endless useless domain names, my next “BIG” idea that would be game changing.

One of my coaches one said, “Dim, it’s never this or that… it’s always this and that! Everything is always equal, teaching you a lesson to be learnt or benefiting you.”

Now whenever something doesn’t go right (and it happens often), I always speak to myself and ask “What’s the lesson here…?” and wait for the unvierse to give me exactly what I needed to learn.

Can you describe/outline your typical day?
I am a creature of habit and rituals.
I wake up anytime between 5-5:30am and always steal a good morning kiss from my partner.
Up next it’s mediate and do a visualisation practice.
Then it’s straight to a organic coffee with adaptogens.
From 7-5pm my can look completely different each day. Between meetings, coaching calls and whatever random project I am working on – it’s FULL!
I always make room to cook dinner each night as it’s a form of creative theropy for me.
Finishing each day with a nightly bone broth and the latest book I am reading.

However, this is my idea day… don’t forget that I too have morning and evenings where I just can’t be ***K. And that is totally ok too!

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
Plan for your first 100 ideas to completely stuck, but go hard with your ambition and passion to make it work. Ready is a lie, no one ever feels like they have all their ducks in order. Sometimes you just have to 3, 2, 1 jump into the deep end and swim your little heart out!

And no matter what, never feel like you are alone! The digital world is filled with people just like you, so reach out for help and never quit. Trust the process.

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