Attracting More Sales with the Power of your Mindset

To attract your business’s ideal clients, you must match their energy and mindset. For this reason, you would not want to push them into buying your product or services, but rather, you’d want them to invite them to collaborate with you from a place of abundance. 

Many small businesses cannot expand because they try to sell something using an outdated formula instead of attempting to solve someone’s problem. However, as you will see in this article, the difference between these two aims is quite significant. 

Attract Your Clients, Don’t Chase Them

Many businesses fail because they have been told to keep chasing clients instead of investing their energy into knowing how to attract them. This is understandable since many entrepreneurs still rely on old models of knowledge. However, you have to know that when you are running after your clients, you are activating the survival mode, which means that they will get into the fight or flight mode and run away. The solution? Stop making your clients feel ‘hunted’ and increase your self-worth and value!

While this can sound like a no-brainer, many of us still fall into the trap of desperately trying to win new clients and punishing ourselves when losing them. This can result in an unavoidable feeling of anger and frustration.

The good news is how we run our business is entirely under our control – we can determine from which place we attract our dream clients.

The power lies in knowing how to approach people. Shifting from the chasing mode into the attracting mode.

Providing Value

Everything in a business comes down to providing value, and this comes from offering services and products that align with your systems of values and beliefs.

Instead of choosing to hunt customers at any cost, shift your focus on developing something that you are proud of and making a deliberate choice to make someone else’s life better through your services or products.

When you do this, you are selling from a place where you know your worth and value, resulting in genuine confidence that will make clients come to you. Thus, you will break the cycle of hunting and chasing clients and let them find you instead.

You also stop yourself from trying to prove your value because you will already radiate it. And once you do this, you will not need to worry about competitors or other people.

Mindset is the key aspect of this approach. It is the most crucial element of any business. Here is how you can shift your approach from chasing clients to letting them find your business:

  1. Find your divine purpose and see how it can solve someone’s problem.Is your business aligned with your divine path? As you probably know, most people are emotional buyers. They make decisions based on what attracts them to a product or service. If they feel with their heart that your purpose is clear and has their best intention at heart, their decisions will reflect this. Therefore, you must help your customers view your product through the lens of the problem you are trying to solve.


  1. Share your story and vision with potential clients. Tell them how you have served others with similar issues and let them discover the value you can offer them through your actions. Results indeed speak louder than words. Therefore, use past positive experiences with previous clients to showcase how you can best provide value to new clients. This way, they will also find out how they can relate to you.


  1. Use the principle of reciprocity. This principle helps show people that you are genuine, trustworthy, and can offer value. Whether it’s a try before you buy, free resources, or additional bonuses, the concept of giving in business should be a cornerstone of your work. By applying these principles, you also gain and build trust with your potential customers, making them more likely to return to your business.


  1. Offer value to the people you sell to and express this through your marketing strategies.When you market your services or products, do not just focus on their visible attributes. Instead, relate your business’s benefits to the value it brings to the customers. Are you a health coach or a yoga teacher? Do you showcase the sessions you offer? Show your potential clients that your services or products bring balance, harmony, and equilibrium to their lives and that you help them become a better version of themselves. Chances are that you have a lot of value to offer! Make this value known to your clients and let them know you are there to serve a bigger purpose in their lives.

Your business is not only about attracting customers and creating more sales. It is about finding the avenue through which you can change your clients’ lives and develop better relationships with them. When your business has a higher purpose and aligns with your divine mission, the money will flow effortlessly and abundantly. Remember, when you align with your values, truth, and purpose, life is much more fulfilling and your actions more meaningful. A business is never only about customers and money. It is also about personal value, truth, and changing lives for the better.

Therefore, do not shy away from taking one step further in your marketing strategies and showing your potential clients the value you can bring into their lives. Most importantly, always ensure you sell your services from a place of authenticity, integrity, and abundance. When you lead your business from these values, your customers will build trust and confidence in your brand, making them return later.


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Article By: Ania Halama

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